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Novelty beers, expect the unexpected!

Welcome to the world’s most dangerous waters! Join our ship and see where it takes us …

We wanted to share some photos with you.

They are from some of our best times in seismic,
our previous careers in the oil industry 
The finest vessel we worked on.

To the good times, to the best of times.

Our Beers

As usual there are a few extra beers that run on specials including traditional cask ales, so don’t hesitate and contact the Brewery!

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Lime Stout

ALC 4.9% VOL


A contrast beer. Dark and velvety Irish Stout loaded with dark roasted malts for a full bodied, toasted background with a contrast outburst of lime notes cutting through the dark goodness giving you a zesty, aromatic, thirst quenching finish. The silkiness comes from dark malts and one of the oldest Ale Brewing yeasts playing off against intense lime zing.

It’s a surprise combination which works with every sip.


Winter Pilsner

ALC 5.0% VOL


Running the knife edge between a heavy peated Ale and Crisp Pilsner, this particular style is one we truly love. Winter Pilsner is a great showcase for the skills of our brew team, balancing many complex notes and twisting flavours in the same moment.

The crispness comes from Pilsner Yeast playing off against heaviness from peated, heavy, cherry and apple smoked malts at each and every turn.


American Pale Ale

ALC 4.8% VOL


One of the most popular styles of beer. Bright, golden in colour, malty but crisp finish. Ours has been enriched by using oats from one of the oldest oat-miller in the country, Morning Foods. It’s a smooth, silky, easy drinking and delicious APA. The beer you want to come back to. 

Hoppy forward with Mosaic and Simcoe hops makes it intense on the nose with plenty of fruity flavour and aroma to enjoy.

Tried 1
Had 4


ALC 4.4% VOL


The original and the best Kölsch yeast harvested from the city of Koln in Germany is used in this recipe giving the beer a unique freshness and crispness. The grains come from one of the oldest German Maltsters providing brewers with barley since 1879.

All these exceptional ingredients come into one in this very special beer hopped with gorgeous flavours of noble Spalt Select.


Chocolate Mild

ALC 4.2% VOL


A nearly forgotten and extinct style of lovely chocolate ale is coming back! Low in body and alcohol makes it the perfect session beer for the evening.

You can’t get bored of this one. It’s not too sweet, more dark chocolate bitterness , not to overwhelming, simply gorgeous, handsome, chocolate malt in perfect balance with roast flavours finished with silky, smooth head.



ALC 5.2% VOL


Bock is a traditional, malty, lightly hopped German Lager. It’s a beer which takes a lot of time and patience, that’s why it’s rare to find it. The fussy yeast leaves that unique malty backbone to it along with high fruity notes. To achieve a contrast twist we use spicy German hops. This combination of flavours is truly one of a kind. Do you dare.

You can find the Anthony Gladman article about our Bock here

Snake in
the Grass

Lemongrass Pilsner

ALC 4.5% VOL


Beery version of lemonade. Crisp, citrus, refreshing thirst quencher! Addition of lemongrass, lemon peel and lemon juice makes it as lemony as it gets! Touch of ginger combines all these intense flavours adding a bit of spice.

Loved by many, deserved on the special artwork design by @stevemccrackenart.


Baltic Porter

ALC 4.7% VOL


Full bodied, smooth, sweet, malty, roasted flavour. Light and creamy from using lager yeast. Medium to low bitterness. Med to med-high carbonation. Traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea.

It changes at our Brewery depending on the season from brown malt base through dark fruits to even mushrooms additions!

Billy Loads
of Mates


ALC 3.8% VOL


Made with 100% of Organic Malts. We’re taking this beer one step further. Vegan and Organic to be as friendly as beer can be! Light, bright and sessional version of our favourite IPA style, you can’t have enough of it.

Hops are changed seasonally to make it even more interesting. Brewed interchangeably as NEIPA and IPA.


East Coast Orange Candy IPA

ALC 5.2% VOL


Total Orange Experience with this beer! Light body is contrasting with candied orange peel and orange marmalade hops. Orange, Tropical yeast profile gives a nice aroma on the nose. Oranges and Orange Juice add more taste to it.

All these ingredients combine together give that orange explosion in your mouth that you just can’t appreciate enough!

To The
Good Times

Session American Pale Ale

ALC 3.9% VOL


Light two-row malt, clean yeast and American hops combined all together in perfect balance. Super pale ale gives this beer a very bright colour and medium-body.

Low alcohol.

Clean yeast guarantees the hops to come through. Apple, pear, tropical fruit, mint, melon and tangerine! Juicy, hazy, sessional and delicious.


Double Dry
Hopped IPA

ALC 6.0% VOL

vegetarian-icon-symbol on the website

Light body, pleasant haze, packed with a lot of hoppy flavour and aroma coming from American Hops. Touch of lactose or stevia makes it even more creamy than they usually tend to be.

This DDH IPA is Made to Make Your Mouth Water. Dare your nose and discover mango, passion fruit, pine, citrus, grapefruit and herbal notes!

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